Harmonia bloom

Harmonia bloom

About Harmonia bloom

The Harmonia bloom doll series was made with the concept of cute charm that transcends time, much like flowers.

Harmonia bloom dolls are sculpted by Iwanaga Sakurako (Shokubutu Shojo-en), a sculptor well-known for enchantingly beautiful sculpting.

Each doll features makeup done by hand,
elaborate glass eyes and outfits made with the finest materials.

Harmonia bloom
Doll Size/Materials


Height: Approx. 23cm
Head Circ.: Approx. 18.5cm
Eye Size: 16mm


Doll: PVC/ABS/Magnets
Eyes: Glass
Outfits: Cotton/Polyester/PVC/Copper
Wig: Nylon
Stand: ABS/Copper

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"Shoe Series (Short Boots)" Preorders Open
"Make Head (Demeter/Hestia)" Preorders Open
"Optional Parts Set A / L" Preorders Open
"Harmonia bloom Cinderella" Preorders Open
"Harmonia bloom Original Glass Eye Series" Preorders Open
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