About Harmonia series

Coloring your daily life with something "irresistibly adorable".

Harmonia series is an original doll brand from Good Smile Company.
These full-fledged dolls are easy to welcome into your collection and can be fully customized.
Bring out their irresistibly cute looks with your own unique touch.
With starry eyes, the appearance of a flower and a kitten-like presence, they bring irresistible love, comfort and preciousness to your daily life.
"Harmonia bloom" mainly consists of original concept dolls, while "Harmonia humming", which is a derivative line of dolls, consists of character dolls.

Timeline of Welcoming a Harmonia bloom Doll


Skin color

Each Harmonia humming's Skin color is based on the individual character's Skin color.


①Head Size
The head size of Harmonia humming dolls is just about the same as with Harmonia bloom dolls, so the same wigs can be used with either series.
②Common Bodies
Harmonia humming bodies are the same as Harmonia bloom dolls, so dolls from one series can be posed with outfits from the other series.

"Harmonia series'' sculptor
Iwanaga Sakurako's message

Thoughts on dolls
It was about 20 years ago that I first learned about dolls. I was captivated by Katan Amano's ball-jointed dolls. Since then, I have tried to make one myself several times, but have never been able to. Still, I had the desire to complete the doll someday, and was approached to take part in this project.

When I think of dolls, large dolls usually come to mind so it was eye-opening to hear that they were planning to make a 20cm doll. I thought that if it's close to the size of the figures I usually make, I might finally be able to complete it. It's my first time making a chibi-style one, but I thought it looked very interesting.

The person in charge started this project as they too are a big fan of dolls, which made me very enthusiastic about the project too. I thought about the doll constantly, and it was fun and fulfilling for me.
Her most attractive features are her plump cheeks, slightly open mouth and what you can glimpse of her front teeth. Depending on the angle, her teeth may be visible or hidden, which changes how her expression is perceived.

If you look at the doll from a slightly tilted angle, you can see a glimpse of her teeth due to her rounded face line, giving her a childish look. However, if you look at her from a slightly downward angle, her jawline becomes sharper and her eyes look upward, making her appear a little more mature.

Also, I was particular about the shape of her body. I tried various things to find an appealing proportion for the body, when I suddenly came up with the idea of a mayonnaise bottle one day. I've always thought it was a cute shape, so I decided to use it as a reference.

The waist area is plump, the thighs are thick and the shape flows smoothly toward the tips of the feet, so that when she stands on her tiptoes, the line around the top of her feet is clearly visible.

The overall design has a cute, chibi-like balance to it. The body of the doll is quite unique, but I would be so grateful for you to cherish them!
To doll owners
Harmonia bloom dolls are small at 20cm in height, making it easy to keep them close and carry them around with you.

I would be very happy if they could always be by your side!

I hope that we can continue to create more new things in the future! Thank you for your support!