Harmonia humming

Harmonia humming

Harmonia humming

Good Smile Company presents a new series
coming to the popular Harmonia bloom doll brand.

Harmonia humming is a new doll series created based on fashionable "kawaii" culture of today.
The series features the Harmonia brand's special bodies with brand new heads
that allow for a wider range of expressiveness and new eyes that allow for flexible design.
Harmonia's new world of colorful and fun dolls is waiting for you.

Compatibility with the Harmonia bloom Series

humming Original

New Anime-Themed Head Designs

  • Natural

    This head type features circular eye holes and a charming smile.

  • Sharp

    This head type features slightly more slanted eye holes and a composed, relaxed smile.

Special Anime-Themed Eye Design

  • Special Anime-Themed Eye Design
  • Special Anime-Themed Eye Design

The series features brand new original plastic eyes created with UV printing.

Harmonia humming
Nezuko Kamado

Harmonia humming Nezuko Kamado

The first character to join Good Smile Company's Harmonia humming doll series is the demon girl Nezuko Kamado from "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba"!
The doll features a uniquely colored wig, a faithful recreation of her outfit and original custom-made eyes, perfectly capturing Nezuko's charm in doll form.
Her eyes and body are articulated, allowing you to change the angle of her gaze in order to match her pose.Barefoot parts are included as well.
Be sure to add her to your collection!

Preorders Opening Soon

Many more popular characters will be joining the series too!
Stay tuned!

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