Harmonia humming

Harmonia humming

Harmonia humming is a new doll series created based on the fashionable "kawaii" culture of today.
The series features the Harmonia brand's special bodies with brand new heads that allow for a wider range of expressiveness and new eyes that allow for flexible design.
Harmonia's new world of colorful and fun dolls is waiting for you.

Harmonia humming
Doll lineup

A new option for all of those with a favorite character.

Harmonia humming is a derivative brand of Harmonia bloom launched in 2021.
A wide range of character dolls are currently in development.
Support your favorite characters with a doll that you'll feel closer and closer to the more you take care of them.

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Harmonia humming point

Harmonia humming dolls feature two head types and newly designed eye parts that allow for flexible design.

Anime-Themed Head

Anime-Themed Eyes

Harmonia humming
Doll lineup